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Welcome to my blog! I use this space to share the very best self-improvement material I come across and my own thoughts and insights based on my experiences coaching highly driven top performers. I believe we’d all be better off if more people adopted the kinds of habits, practices, and ways of thought that are featured here - happier, more accomplished, and tackling bigger and harder problems.

The material on this blog will help you to get more work done, feel less stressed, and to take conscious control of where you’re headed with your career. By getting your day to day work under control, you’ll free up the mental bandwidth to think creatively and strategically, which will let you take deliberate action to set the course for your future. The techniques, habits, and approaches described can not only help advance your career within a traditional corporate environment, they can also finally give you the time to start a small business, freelance on the side, or even just dive into that hobby you’ve been meaning to get to for years.

I am passionate about this kind of material, so I read, watch, and listen to a ton of self-improvement material. Even though I often focus on productivity, I like to range far and wide to find useful insights from unexpected corners - whether that is ancient philosophy, military history, or even advice on keeping your house clean! The internet is full of tips, tricks, hacks, how to’s, and tutorials, but sorting through the plethora of available options and finding the ones that work and linking those into a coherent system is a whole lot of work. So while this blog has its fair share of detailed tactical advice to deal with specific situations, it always strives to connect those tactics to the higher level strategy that guides their selection.

As I mentioned, I like to find quality material from a wide range of sources, and I attribute that broad intellectual palate to my diverse past experience. Studying Classics and Ancient History in college gave me an appreciation for the deep perspective provided by history that spans thousands of years and multiple continents. Enlisting as an airborne infantryman taught me the importance of discipline, adaptability, and aggressive pursuit of your goals. Studying in business school trained me in the nuts and bolts of how groups of people get things done and create value. Working as a management consultant forced me to produce high quality material in record time and to identify the common problems faced by companies across industries. Now, as a coach, I am able to see the specific challenges faced by individuals in taking control of their work and enjoying the life and the career that they truly want.

As a coach, I focus on highly personalized, results-based coaching to help my clients take the knowledge that I share on this blog and turn it into effective action. As Tony Robbins says, “Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is potential power.” Nothing brings me greater joy than to see someone learn a new concept, apply it in their life, and enjoy exactly the results they were hoping for. Working as a coach gives me amble opportunity for exactly that, and I bring back to this blogthe insights about what works and what doesn’t to share with you. 

If you have any particular topics you’d like to hear about, please let me know. Your input on what is interesting and valuable is the lifeblood this blog runs on. The more ideas I get from readers, the better for all of us, as it increases intellectual diversity and the chances of making connections between seemingly far-flung topics. Your feedback is extremely welcome - as a mentor of mine likes to say, “feedback is a gift.” I hope that you find something to enjoy here, but even more importantly, I hope that you take what you read and put it into action to take your career and your life in the direction you want to go. Thanks very much for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you.

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