The One Minute Workout

By Martin Gibala, Christopher Shulgan

Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi like to joke about how much their book titles sound like infomercials, but I have to admit that this book has them beat by a mile - One Minute Workout? That's even crazier than six minute abs. What you find when you actually dig in, though, is a thorough discussion of the science and benefits of High Intensity Interval Training. Even better, it presents a variety of HIIT workouts you can try out for your own health. Bang-for-buck-wise, HIIT is the king of exercises. Even better, training your heart to speed up and slow down regularly has dramatic effects on your brain's ability to do the same - so following the workouts in this book will help you not only be healthier, but more creative to boot. Not a bad deal for one minute (plus another 9 of warm up, cool down, and rest - but I can't blame them for the catchy title).

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Jeff RussellExercise, Wellness