Every person has a different set of challenges that they are facing in their lives. Mine revolve around trying to find a path to success without having a map.
— Entrepreneur & Software Developer
I didn’t believe I needed any help on career development. I had my life in great working order, and I was skeptical of coaching, but I couldn’t seem to get side projects done, so I took the plunge. After working with Jeff, I realized that while I do have things pretty well together, it was silly to think that I had all the answers. Coaching gave me much better perspective and made me actualize things that I kind of knew I had in myself, but didn’t really harness.
— Engineer and Vice President of Business Development
I realized that what I originally thought was my problem is the result of a different underlying problem. I would have continued throwing more resources and effort at the symptom instead of the problem. So you could say this is saving me money and time.
— Vice President of Engineering & Financial Analyst


My Promise

I only work for you as long as you are getting value out of it, and you only pay what you think it's worth. While we work together, your goals and development are my highest priority.